fiji water, water, fiji


was so crazy.
Me and Meesh had our birthday party at the den.
pre-gamed at Jessie's.
with Jack :]
Then to the Den.
With more Jack and I can't even remember what else.
too much fun.
The night ended with me and Meesh on the bathroom floor.

to the max.
sick all day.
Pap and Rob's birthday party.
with hangover.
and most of my family there.
then later....
back to the den.
random as ever.
you wouldn't believe it.
because I can't believe half the stuff that happens to us.

shopping at 8:30 with Mom, Twila, Gram and Caroline.
We are gonna tear up Robinson.
watch out.

i love whoever reads this.
fiji water, water, fiji

-Up early.
-Taking Brian home.
-Back to Weirton.
-Work at 3:00 (Family Values)
-Probably won't be back til way late.
-So text cause that will make work not suck as much.

&& all that
-Work at 5:00 (Aerosmith)
-No idea when I'll be back from that.
-Yeah, texts.

-Dad and Josh's Birthday Party?
-Getting Brian.
-Back to mo-town at some point.
fiji water, water, fiji

day one.

I just got back from my first class.
Here's a list of the books I have to read so far this semester:
-In Cold Blood - Capote
-Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde - Stevenson
-The Castle of Otranto - Walpole
-Obi - Earle
-Silas Marner - Eliot
-My Antonia - Cather
-The British Museum is Falling Down - Lodge
-Machine Dreams- Phillips
-Beloved - Morrison

yes. for one class. omg.
fiji water, water, fiji


Yesterday was Warped Tour. awesome. no.
I worked in the bathroom all night, did not get to see any bands.
ps. I worked from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. that sucked a lot.
anyways, i need to go to a show to make up for this.
but Caroline can't go, because she's so hardcore, she broke her collar bone in a circle pit. : (
oh yeah, lance bass is gay. news of the year.
yeah right.